About Me



Hi!  I'm Meredith.  My passions and interests are the foundation of Peaceful Touch Healing Arts.  I am so grateful to be  in business doing what I love, sharing my passions and natural gifts to  help support others along their healing journey.  I believe the body has  the innate wisdom to heal itself and I am grateful to offer my services  to help facilitate and witness the unfolding and unwinding of  your healing journey.

I  have been practicing Massage Therapy and Reiki since 1999 and  Craniosacral Therapy since 2014 which I studied through the Upledger  Institute and I am currently in the process of my craniosacral therapy  certification. Specializing in therapeutic massage, craniosacral  therapy, and reiki my work is deeply focused yet gentle and profoundly  relaxing. 

 As  an Intuitive Massage Therapist working with many people with chronic  pain and ailments I began to pick up subtle messages from the body that  pain and disease may be present in the physical (body) but can stem much  deeper on emotional and spiritual levels manifesting itself in the body  and or situations in our life.  I also found this true with myself  through my own healing which inspired me to expand my healing work  beyond massage and offer services to treat the whole person on the  spiritual and emotional level as well. Among helping clients manage their pain ,injuries, and stress I am also passionate about teaching clients how to change unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and patterns and create peace, truth, dreams and purpose in their life through Reiki,  Meditation and Yoga. I offer reiki classes, Yoga classes, and reiki  treatments local and distant.  My reiki and Yoga practice in my own life  has truly been the most powerful and transforming tool I have found as I  continue to heal myself. 

 About  me personally,  I am a life long student and I just continue to follow my heart. I am a truth seeker  and work on finding the beauty in everything life has to offer.  I connect deeply to love and think  life is the most precious gift.  I love to spend my time with my two  beautiful daughters who have been my greatest teachers, and my cat.  Nature is my medicine and I enjoy hiking, yoga, being a mom, and  cooking healthy food. 


I  began my yoga practice back in 2000 in Nederland, Colorado where I had  my first private yoga session. It wasn't what I thought it was going to  be and found the practice to be harder than I had anticipated but I  continued to go to classes because I felt drawn to the practice. Then in  2014 after a divorce, mental/emotional stress, and unsettled digestive  issues I began to make yoga an everyday practice and it greatly supported me with where I was at in my life and was complimentary to the bodywork I was receiving so I became inspired to share yoga with others. What I love about this practice is  how deeply movement moves me and energy that is stuck, stiff, or  stagnant. It's keeps me focused in the present on myself and brings  awareness to what I am feeling in my mental, emotional,and physical  body. The yoga classes that I teach are vinyasa style and we move,  sometimes sweat, but within that movement I create space for connecting to the self, nurturing your heart, and finding peace and relaxation.