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Policies and Information

Policies and Information


Scope of practice - Peaceful Touch Healing Arts only provides services within the scope  of practice of therapeutic massage therapy, craniosacral therapy,  somato-emotional release, reiki, reflexology, and yoga. Peaceful Touch  Healing Arts does not diagnose or practice out side of the listed  modalities but will be happy to provide referral to another therapist.

Confidentiality-Your  privacy and confidentiality with be upheld at all times except for the  event of a court subpoena otherwise all intakes, notes, and discussions  will remain confidential.

Privacy and Draping-It  is beneficial to completely disrobe for massage therapy although many  choose to leave their underwear on. Client's privacy will be respected  and Peaceful Touch Healing Arts will work around clients comfort. For  reiki, craniosacral therapy, and reflexology treatments client will  remained clothed and asked to wear comfortable cloths to treatment.   When on the table client will be completely draped with sheets and  blankets and only the area that is being worked on will be exposed. A  breast drape will be used during abdominal work unless other wise  requested, however client may request no breast drape. Please note that  all touch is purely therapeutic and non sexual.  Clients may not request  that their genitals be exposed at any time for any reason. Your privacy  and modesty is always respected.

Cancellation and Late Policy-  If a client must cancel an appointment 24 hours notice is required.  Cancellations within the 24 hour period will inquire a $25 late fee.  Cancellations 2 hours before appointment and No Shows will be charged  full session price.

The same cancellation policy goes for In Home Massage Service and private, group, and corporate yoga instruction.

If  a client is late to a session the client will still be charged full  amount. Peaceful Touch will try to provide client the full session time  if time and schedule allows. However it is important for Peaceful Touch  to respect all clients time so if another appointment is booked after,  the session will be cut short.

If  Peaceful Touch must cancel a session, 24 hours notice will be given. If  Peaceful Touch cancels a session within 24 hours a $25 credit will be  put towards the rescheduled appointment.

In  the event of inclement weather 2 hours notice is required to cancel  outside of a 5 mile radius to appointment location. If you are within a 5  mile radius of appointment location the 24 hour cancellation policy  still applies so be sure to check the weather in advance.

Safety and Inappropriate Behavior -  Safety is very important to both therapist and client. Both have the  right to terminate session at anytime if uncomfortable for any reason.

Alcohol  and drugs can significantly reduce the benefits of massage and can even  cause harm, therefore coming to a session intoxicated will result in a  canceled session and client will be responsible for full payment.

The  type of massage that Peaceful Touch practices is therapeutic and is  strictly non sexual/sensual. Inappropriate verbal or non-verbal sexual  advances will not be tolerated and session will be discontinued with  full payment due.

Hygeine - Please do not wear heavy perfumes as many clients have sensitivites.