CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release


CranioSacral Therapy is a very  gentle, light touch approach that releases tensions in the central  nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax, self  correct and free itself from pain and discomfort.  The philosophy behind  CranioSacral Therapy that each person has an inner wisdom that already  knows how to heal the body and as the therapist it is my job to listen  closely and follow your inner wisdom's lead to help facilitate you  through your process. I will be listening to your craniosacral rhythm,  working with the fascia,  the structures of the spine and cranial bones.   It is very relaxing and many people have felt results in just one  session although it may take up to several sessions to reach the root of  dysfunction as everyone is different and unique in their process.   Somato Emotional Release with verbal dialogue  and or gentle Intra-Oral  work may be called for during the session.  You will remain completely  clothed throughout the session so dress comfortably.

1 Hour Session $81

90 Minute Session $114

Series of 3 sessions $198

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Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)

Associative Awareness Technique

Associative Awareness Technique  (AAT) is a gentle approach that affects the automatic brain and nervous system supporting balance specifically to the Brainstem, the Limbic System,and Neo-Cortex areas of the brain. Addressing chronic pain and trauma and creating new neural pathways that improve homeostasis is key to this treatment. 

AAT'S foundation lies in neuroscience with scientific evidence based research neurophysiology and neuroplasticity and has been very effective in treating chronic conditions, unexplained pain patterns and symptoms, PTSD, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs. 

Who is this treatment for? This treatment is appropriate for anyone who has been experiencing pain for two or more months, anyone with mystery symptoms yet nothing is medically wrong, anyone who has tried manual therapy over and over again but the pain always returns, anyone suffering from insomnia or sleep disturbance, anyone who feels overwhelmed, adrenal fatigue,  under an intense amount of stress, or anyone who feels like their life is lacking purpose. 

What does a session look like? AAT consists of a series of six or less sessions. During your first session the therapist will consult with you briefly and then you will receive safe light touch therapy which will be proceeded by the therapist teaching you exercises to take home. You will remained  completely clothed during the hands on work. 

How does it work? The human brain is constantly taking in and processing information. There is a feeling followed by an emotion with every interaction, situation, or stimuli that we encounter. In the case of trauma (significant or insignificant) through injury, accident, abuse, stress, loss, or anything in life that is perceived unsafe or not secure triggers the Brainstem and the autonomic system  to go into survival mode causing a fight or flight state of being. After living in this state for so long we become accustomed to living in survival mode and begin to develop negative emotions towards the condition, pain, or situation in life. Maybe feelings of frustration or despair wondering if the pain will ever end. This resides in  the Limbic System ( the emotion center of the brain) which is then filtered through the Brainstem continuing the cycle of living in survival mode. The same happens in the Neo-Cortex (conscious memory) center of the brain. with one's memories. Many of the emotions being processed may be conscious but also may live in the unconscious making it hard to know they even exist. This results in creating a habit that ultimately triggers the pain or symptom over and over again. AAT is designed to help bring awareness and mindfulness to this process and create new habits the have lasting results. 

How does a Skype, Zoom, or phone session work? In a skype, zoom, or phone session you will not receive the hands on work but will receive one new exercise per weekly call. Depending on the person it will be 3-6 calls. I highly recommend receiving the hands on work but believe the exercises alone are effective with a committed practice. You must have access to email to receive the worksheets.

How much does a phone, skype, or zoom session cost? $25-$45 sliding scale per half hour. Calls usually last a half hour. 


Massage, Reiki, Reflexology

Massage, Reiki, Reflexology


Intuitive Therapeutic Massage-  Intuitive  meaning that my hands guide me and the session. This massage is  tailored to your needs and goals using many different massage techniques  including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Acupressure,  Shiatsu, and Thai. I will address areas of concern and give your body an  overall relaxing experience.  Included in this massage is the use of  essential oils to support your experience. 


60 minute full hour- $81  package of 5 $355  

75 minute massage- $96  package of 5 $430 

 90 minute massage- $114  package of 5 $520  

120 minute massage- $150  

Prenatal Massage- This  massage is tailored to the comfort of the pregnant and postpartum mama.   You will be comforted with pillows, soothed with gentle essential  oils, and nurtured using prenatal massage techniques. 

60 minute full hour- $81  package of 5 $355
75 minute massage- $96 package of 5 $430
90 minute massage- $114 package of 5 $520
120 minute massage- $150


Hot Stone Massage-  Let  hot river stones and earthy aromas melt your tensions away while being  grounded by the energies of the earth.  This is a full body massage and  tailored to your needs and goals. Can not be booked online.

90 minute massage-  $130

2 hour massage - $160


Reiki is  a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy, the Reiki when  activated and applied for purposes of healing , addresses the body mind  and spirit, directly working with the nervous and endocrine system on  subtle levels.   It accelerates the body's ability to heal physical  ailments,  and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and  pain, the necessity for taking responsibility for one's life and the  joys of balanced wellness.  

The best word I have found to  describe Reiki is "support."  Most receivers feel  a profound sense of  comfort and peace while receiving a Reiki Treatment.  Some feel a warm  sensation coming from the practitioners hands, cold sensations,  tingling,  and vibration.  Visions, light, color, memories, and emotions  may present themselves.  No one's experience is the same.  One person  may have a profound healing  and another person may experience a healing  on a very subtle unconscious level.  

Reiki can be experienced  by anyone.  It's a great tool to help the body prepare for surgery,  calming the nerves, after surgery to help aid in pain relief and  speed up recovery removing negative  energies that may prolong recovery.  It has many benefits in helping with stress relief , tension, and  anxiety because it is so deeply relaxing.  Children are great receivers  of Reiki therefore it's very beneficial to them during stressful times  and situations.  Providing Reiki for the elderly and end of life is a  beautiful and heart warming experience that often helps calm the fears  of transitioning.  

​When you receive a Reiki session you  will be greeted with an open heart.  The session lasts for about an hour  and you can remain completely clothed.   I will lay my hands  directly on or above different locations on your body.  This is  completely different from a massage treatment and I will not be doing  any muscle manipulation  work or offering pressure.  There will be a  brief time after the treatment to answer any question and discuss the  work that we did together.  I hope to share Reiki with you!

60 minute Reiki - $81

90 minute Reiki - $114

Series of 3 treatments - $217.50

Distant Reiki- ​​60  minute Remote Reiki  Healing Treatment - Reiki can be received from a  distance in the comfort of your own home.  I will connect with you via  phone before and after to discuss the session with you.  Please contact  me directly to book your appointment and once booked I will send you information on how to prepare for your session. 

In a distant session I will connect with you and work with my guides and the reiki to give you a complete energy healing session. 

60 minute Distant Reiki - $45-$75 sliding scale.


Reflexology-  This  foot treatment is an eastern therapy based on energy, working different  parts of the feet that correspond with systems and parts of the body.  Reflexology is deeply relaxing and promotes relaxation, balance, and  normalizes bodily functions.

60 minutes- $81

90 minutes- $114




Private Yoga Instruction is customized to meet your individual needs and goals in the comfort of your space.  I can create an empowering sequence building strength, balance, and focus or a healing yoga session with a slow calm flow, restorative stretches and include reiki and essential oils. This private instruction is for any and all individuals new or seasoned students.  

1 hour- $75

Corporate or group events can be a great way to bring connection to a group of people. I will create a fun and inspiring all levels flow based on the group needs. Let's talk more about this. Please call or email to inquire about needs, location, price, and details.