Meredith's work and energy is exceptional! I have experienced many different types of practitioners and feel that she has a special gift, big heart, and is worth going to for her healing energy. Her touch is intuitive and gentle, yet soft and strong.  Please go see her at Partners in Health and enjoy the healing  environment that she is creating!!!  Barry Oser, So Sound Solutions 


Meredith has a gentle and kind demeanor that puts you at ease right away.  I felt very well taken care of  and safe in her healing hands.  Not only does she have the strength and knowledge to release deeply rooted stubborn knots, but also has the intuition and energy healing to hold a space for my body to relax and release.  Where deep tissue techniques are blended within a full body relaxing massage providing a holistic experience.  I highly recommend her services and her skills as a gift she so graciously shares in every session.  Megan Zwerlein, Megan's Methods

 Meredith has been my Massage Therapist for two years now and I will continue to receive her extraordinary work for as long as she will have me.  ​Meredith gives and amazing massage, providing skillful deep tissue with lasting relaxation and balancing energy work.  She has the ability to tap into my body's  needs and maintain that connection throughout the session.  Meredith's massage is a deeply healing experience for both body and soul.
With Gratitude,
Sheila R 

 Meredith Guthrie of Peaceful Touch Healing Arts is AMAZING. She has been my massage therapist monthly for about 8 years now, and I  wouldn't want to see anyone else. She has an incredibly grounded, compassionate presence, and is very gifted with BOTH Reiki/hand-on healing, as well as deep tissue and other massage modalities. I have found our sessions to be one of the deepest experiences of rest that I have all month, and look forward to it every time. She is simple  in her approach, yet goes very deep into the healing space, both  physically and energetically, without words. I can not recommend her  highly enough! Her hands are strong, her heart is big, and she's very dependable, professional, and truly a tremendously gifted massage therapist and healing practitioner!
~ Patrice Mariana Bacal, Women's Well-Being Guide  

 Meredith Guthrie has demonstrated her ability to spiritually tap into the life force that permeates our reality through her work with Reiki. For me she has been like an angel that God has sent to help me along my own spiritual soul growth path. She has that special ability that can be be described as able to direct the Light energy coming from God. Meredith shares her knowledge of this ability with others via her teachings of the Reiki techniques which she has earnered over the years through the Reiki educational instruction she has acquired, and by the actual hands-on experience she has gained through the Reiki treatments she has administered to others.  Meredith's ability to  channel this  God/Lifeforce into others is, to me, best described as a special gift of  God's love, and I am ever grateful that God has sent her into my life.
John Archer 

 From the details of the treatment room, to the energy and experience Meredith brings, by far the best bodywork experience I have ever had.  Dan Levin 

 I love Meredith's massages, she is intuitive, calm, and effective at what she does. She has a great nurturing touch and a lot of different techniques that she can incorporate to give you just what you need.  Can't wait to get another massage from her.
Janet Tolin 

 Meredith is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her. ​ Trish Thomas